Thursday, March 15, 2007

Historic Terlingua Ghostown Events Calendar

Historic Terlingua Ghostown Events Calendar

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

January 2007

the first day of 2007 starts with a bang! The annual "Black Eye Pea Off" starts at 12:00 with games and music. This event, started by Pam Ware many years ago to ensure that everyone had all the luck that they could stand. People from all around bring their black eye pea recipes to see who has the best in town. Turn in time for peas is 2:00pm, from then on for $5.00 you get a bowl and spoon with peas and cornbread.There will be a cake walk, ring tosses for kids and adults, horseshoes, music and lots of fun ! Money raised will go to the Terlingua School trip fund for the kids field trips.

Jan. 28th is the Terlingua Preservation Foundation annual "Home Tour" of the area. Visit several houses in the area of various contruction of straw bale, adobe and metal. Food and wine served afterward. This a great way to see different methods and ideas for building your own!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

February 2007

The 3rd Annual Dutch Oven Cookoff is scheduled for Feb. 3-4. This event brings folks from all over to compete. There is outstanding food, an auction and music! It is incredible what can be cooked in a dutch oven! Come See!

Feb 15,16 and 17th is the Mos O Manos bike Race. Fun Rides start early on the 15th and the main race is on Sat 17. This is a major event that brings riders from all over the country. There are great games and events for the kids, as well as adults.

March 2007

March may or may not bring flowers for the Spring visitor. No matter, it is always beautiful at this time of year. Early spring storms are amazing to behold, with shadows of the clouds dancing on the hills. The dramatic rising of the river, or the flashing of a small creek is a wonderful thing to see! With or Without rain some hardy plant will be blooming. March weather can go in any direction you can think of and does, from windy and cold to calm and hot, so be prepared when you come. March 3rd is an lunar eclipse,come watch under the starry skys of Big Bend.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MAY 2007

So many things in May! Labor Day, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, and Graduations! Topically the hottest month(unless the rainy season comes early)it can be full of flowers and rainbows, or hot, windy and dry. Its a good time of year to hike in the morning, sleep under a mesquite bush during the day, and in the evening finish up at those farther out of the way places that you can reach because of the long days.


Viva La Historia! 2007. Terlingua's original citizens, the families who worked the Chisos Mining Company mine, return to the Historic Terlingua Ghostown for a homecoming like no other. Viva La Historia! 2005 was fantastic, with families from across the country returning to their ancestral home to visit, dine, dance, and share stories of the days before Terlingua was abandoned. We are sorry to say that Viva La Historia did not happen in 2006. But we hope to have a big and better event in 2007. Newsletters were mailed to everyone who have given us thier addresses, so if you didn't recieve one please contact us by mail: P.O. Box 295 Terlingua, Texas 79852 or phone 432-371-2234 or the listing below.

Watch this listing closely for details as they become available, or sign up for our mailing list at


Celebrate Day of the Dead with us on Fri. Nov 2nd. It is a Terlingua tradition to meet at sunset to light candles on the graves, remember old friends and join with new friends to tell stories and just enjoy life!

This years 41st Chili Cookoff begins the last week of Oct. and climaxes on Fri. the 2nd and Sat. the 3rd. Cooks from all over the United States have been competing thru the summer to have the honor of being a finalist in this event. The cooks start arriving early in the week to enter in several events during the week. With two sites to decide from you can't go wrong!


December brings cooler nights and mild days. The Maples and Oaks of the Chisos Mountains finally recieve thier fall colors and animals move about during the day. Its a great time of year to spend those holiday vacations. You may even be one of the few to see snow on the Chisos!

Friday, Dec. 29 brings blessed rain!!! soft soaking moisture that will hopefully bring spring flowers. Maybe it is a sign that 2007 will be a wet year. Look for updates on the flowers in Jan 2007!